Ong Ridge

Hi, here is Sroh Shine your host at radio One FM, 103.7. I am from a typical family in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I actually hold a few degrees plus first time into the entertaining industry was 5 years ago.

Music always be a massive part of my life. I believe lives are accompanied with art and entertaining. What else can I start for now? Ohh… I always imagine to become a host at a radio station since I was 16; thus, I can share love and get in contact with audience, especially someone who need motivation. As going through a lot of difficult situations in my childhood, I really wish to be part of somebody journey tackling for better life.

My life does not have much to talk about as the most frequent places I have visited are home, school and hospital. Yeah hospital! I was born with poor health condition. Yet, thanks to my family always took a good care of me. Many of you out there may have had an experience of bullying at school as what I came across as well. But hey, why we should be defeated by those who treat you bad. Absolutely not, we all need to stand up and face with every situation. My life is not perfect and so does everyone in this world. We cannot escape and we should not! Get your things done guys! All you need are just believing in what you can and get yourself a mentally and physically healthy, and gain some more space for your mind to do something else better and bigger rather than worrying about those bullying and illness. Find yourself a comfort zone and not hiding anymore!

And never forget to thank to One FM helped me to get my dream accomplished also help me through this new career!