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6am-7am The Wake Up Zone

Music makes you feel and work better! Just be positive, pick music to suit the situation then you are good to go. The WAKE Up Zone is the early morning show with the host Sroh Shine broadcasting live from the capital city of Cambodia, Monday to Sunday, 6 a.m. to 7a.m. at Radio One FM, 103.7. This is an one hour show, yet it has more than it is seemed.

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7am -9am The Breakfast Club

All the top hits hosted by Ung Ridge, who keeps you updated on traffic, what’s hot and things that are strange but true! The perfect blend to keep you going on your way to work or school.

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9am-10am Cambodia Business Weekly

Cambodia Business Weekly brought to you by Anthony Galliano, talking about whats happening in the world of business, and what to watch out for. Check out what guests he has and take on some of their advice from experience with guests from some of the top companies in Cambodia – all the movers and shakers in the world of business in southeast Asia.


10am-11am Animal Inc.

Animal Inc, is a new show, created & hosted by Yulia Khouri aka Animal Mama! Animal Inc. is the first show of its kind in Cambodia, fully dedicated to all pets and animals, as well as to those living with or around them. Are you thinking of getting a pet? How do you select a breeder? Can rescued street animals be a good pets? Which pet shop is safe? What about holistic pet nutrition? Are there veterinary services and how to choose a good vet? Can a tiger cub grow to be a good, albeit exotic, pet? And of course, being a fashionista, Yulia will tell you about make up, cosmetics, shoes and fashion – but only the fabulous ones that are animal friendly too ? Tune in each Saturday, from 10-11am to hear Yulia and her guests – veterinarians, pet experts & entrepreneurs, wildlife conservationists, pet nutritionists and pet owners – in the program with fabulous tunes in between. Animal Inc with Animal Mama – your host Yulia Khouri.”



11am-1pm Sports Locker

Presented  by radio one experts and specialists in their sports areas, covering football, basketball, baseball, softball, and also golf in and around Cambodia, including international league standings and news. Follow Cambodian sports with the Sports Locker.


1pm-4pm Sokleap's Weekend Request Show

Sokleap plays all your tunes and gives out your dedications to your family and friends, so send her a text or give her a call at 011 778 111 or 010 41 63 25. Get your name on her show and your favourite tunes played on Radio One Cambodia.

LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 10:  Ray Noir (2R) and Mariann Rosa (R) attend the KTZ after show party in association with Crystal Head Vodka at XOYO on January 10, 2016 in London, England.  

Pic Credit: Dave Benett

4pm-7pm Studio One Live

Live guests perform in the studio hosted by Sky, who also plays all the best tunes.


7pm-9pm Rock N Roll Diner

Enter the world of Rock n Roll with the best hits from the 50s and 60s – from the original Rockabilly to Doo wap and from America to Britain – all the best hits are here!


9pm-11pm Classic Revival Show

All the tunes you thought had gone and not heard for years. All those one hit wonders that had their time and just disappeared. They’re back and being played on Radio One FM 103.7!


FM Close

Our FM signal shuts down at 11pm, but have no fear, we are still here! Log on to our site and we never stop playing your favourite tunes – and after 11pm we are advert free yes – that’s right – no ads after 11pm all the way through to 7am.


11pm -6am Night Owl with DJ Shy

Each night enjoy a different genre of music: easy listening, 60s and 70s, 80s and 90s, soulful, club music, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Classic Rock and Blues/Jazz.

get it on google play
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