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6am-7am The Wake Up Zone

Music makes you feel and work better! Just be positive, pick music to suit the situation then you are good to go. The WAKE Up Zone is the early morning show with the host Sroh Shine broadcasting live from the capital city of Cambodia, Monday to Sunday, 6 a.m. to 7a.m. at Radio One FM, 103.7. This is an one hour show, yet it has more than it is seemed.

brtekfast club radio one cambodia

7am-10am Breakfast Club

All the top hits hosted by Ung Ridge, who keeps you updated on traffic, what’s hot and things that are strange but true! The perfect blend to keep you going on your weekend.


10am-1pm Soulful Sunday

After your hectic night out on the town logging on or tuning in on Sunday is the perfect way to ease your way in to the morning and afternoon with the best of Motown and Northern soul.


1pm-4pm Sokleap's Sunday Requests

Sokleap plays all your tunes and gives out your dedications to your family and friends, so send her a text or give her a call at 011 778 111 or 010 41 63 25. Get your name on her show and your favourite tunes played on Radio One Cambodia.


4pm-7pm Walk About

The travellers show with guests from around the world dropping in to the studio to have a chat with Sky about why they came to Cambodia, what they like about Cambodia, what difficulties they have had and where else in the world they have been. Log on or tune in to find out what crazy stories have happened to people around the world.


7pm-9pm Sunday Blues

Showcasing the best of blues music with a mix of Classic to Modern Blues.


FM Close

Our FM signal shuts down at 11pm, but have no fear, we are still here! Log on to our site and we never stop playing your favourite tunes – and after 11pm we are advert free yes – that’s right – no ads after 11pm all the way through to 6am.

get it on google play
get it on google play