Animals Inc

August 6, 2018 10:33 am

“The Animal Inc. is a new show, created & hosted by the Wildlife Alliance Ambassador and Animal Mama, Yulia Khouri. It is the first show of its kind in Cambodia, fully dedicated to all pets, animals, and those living with or around them. Are you thinking of getting a pet? How do you select a breeder? Can rescued street animals be good pets? Which pet shops are safe? What about holistic pet nutrition? Are there veterinary services and how do you choose a good vet? Can a tiger cub grow to be a good, albeit exotic, pet? And of course, being a fashionista, Yulia will tell you about make up, cosmetics, shoes and fashion – but only the fabulous ones that are animal friendly too ? Tune in each Saturday, from 10-11am to hear Yulia and her guests – veterinarians, pet experts & entrepreneurs, wildlife conservationists, pet nutritionists and pet owners – on the program with catchy tunes in between. Enjoy Animal Inc with Animal Mama and your host Yulia Khouri”